13 Fun Statistics About Halloween You Never Knew

Posted by Nick Christou on Nov 1, 2019 11:16:33 AM

The number 13 has often been associated with bad luck but it's no more unfortunate than any other figure. Since Halloween falls on the 31st, it's an unusual transposition of this number but that may change if some people get their way. Petitioners are proposing the date be changed to be the last Saturday in October, similar to Thanksgiving falling on the final Thursday of the month. 

Halloween purists disagree and would rather the date remain the same. In this light, what are some other fun facts and stats about one of the most beloved holidays for children and adults of all ages? Here's a baker's dozen of these trivial tidbits to get our mouths watering in anticipation of the arrival of All Hallow's Eve along with all the sweets and treats associated with this date.

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